Landscape Supplies From the Hall Construction Supply Depot

Whether your project is large or small, Hall can help with all your landscaping supply needs. Many products are available at our Supply Depot and specialty items can be ordered.

Supply Depot: 1294 lake Joseph road, Parry Sound, Ontario
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday – 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
Aggregates Delivery: (705) 746-8147 Fax: (705) 746-5301

Armour Stone
Armour Stone is widely used for retaining walls, erosion control and decorative features. Hall’s Supply Depot offers sizes and styles to suit any project. Among the most rugged, durable and beautiful additions to any landscape project is armour stone.  Armour Stone is ideal for erosion control and shoreline protection projects throughout….

Cleaned and Screened Soils
Cleaned and screen soils are always available at our Supply Depot, or can be delivered by truck or stone slinger anywhere in the Parry Sound and Muskoka Area. Give us a call Today WE DELIVER! Call: 705-746-8147….

Decorative Mulches
For any of your Muskoka-Parry Sound landscaping needs, select from our pure cedar mulches or pine/cedar mixes to find that perfect cover for your Muskoka or Parry Sound garden or walkway.Give us a call TodayWE  DELIVER!Call: 705-746-8147….

Faux Rocks Canada’s DekoRRa Rock Enclosure
Designed to hide but still provide access to necessary but possibly unsightly elements of your landscape. Whether it’s a septic riser or drilled well cap, these realistic faux rocks will blend in with your existing landscape. DekoRRa manufactures a complete product line of artificial rocks that conceal a variety of unsightly devices found….

Used for soil stabilization and reinforcement erosion control, drainage, filtration, separation, and other construction needs. The Hall Supply Depot stocks a wide variety of Geotextile materials to meet the needs of most Muskoka-Parry Sound Landscaping and Landscape Construction Projects.Give us a call TodayWE  DELIVER!Call: 705-746-8147….

Hall’s Triple-Mix Topsoil
Hall’s Triple Mix is the perfect soil for establishing or maintaining your Muskoka or Parry Sound garden or lawn. Our Triple Mix is a premium mixture of topsoil, peat and compost.  Give us a call TodayWE  DELIVER!Call: 705-746-8147 ….

River Rock
Our multi-colour stone mix is perfect for ponds, brooks, garden borders or other landscape accents throughout the Muskoka and Parry Sound Region.Give us a call TodayWE  DELIVER!Call: 705-746-8147 ….