Muskoka & Parry Sound Paving Services

Over 50 years of expertise in demolition, land clearing, site excavation, fill and site utilities.

From large municipal jobs to smaller residential and cottage site work, Hall Construction has the equipment and expertise to deliver outstanding paving on any scale.

It may be that, when planning your cottage property, the driveway was one of the last things on your mind. However, when the time comes, a smart-looking, carefully planned and properly paved driveway can be the ultimate finishing touch, paying off in both beauty and functionality for years to come. This is also true of other paving projects on your property, such as sport courts, pathways, and landing pads.


After 50 years in construction locally, Hall knows better than anyone that nothing is more important to the long-term life and durability of a paving project than site preparation. For that reason, our experienced pavers expect to spend about 90 percent of their time removing previous paving and carefully preparing the site, and 10 percent on installing the new paving. This is crucial, because a driveway or other paving project installed over poorly prepared ground can still look good and be functional in the short-term, leaving homeowners with the impression they’ve spent their money wisely. 

One of the first things we’ll look at is where the rainwater and runoff naturally want to go, and where we want to guide it. Our first priority is to ensure that we don’t create flooding problems for homeowners or otherwise cut off natural drainage routes without installing a rerouting method, such as culverts or drainage pipes.

Like anything else, if a solid foundation isn’t put in place, problems will develop sooner rather than later. It takes experience and a commitment to quality to deliver results that last.

Paving in Muskoka by Hall Construction

Paving in Muskoka by Hall Construction

Prepping a driveway in Parry Sound

The Hall Construction team paving a driveway in Parry Sound

Close-up of asphalt

Close-up of asphalt


Hand in hand with meticulous site prep goes quality materials. Asphalt is made from coarse stone, determined by several factors, among them the component parts in the asphalt. For our paving projects, Hall Construction uses only the highest quality asphalts comprised of premium aggregates similar to those extracted from Hall’s own nine pits and quarries throughout the Muskoka area.

Even though it is comprised of only a few products, there’s an art to making asphalt. If the proportions are adjusted incorrectly, there are consequences for product longevity. It’s also important to select the right asphalt mix for the conditions and long-term use. For example, for a regular paving job, a fine mix has a pleasant, refined aesthetic, but if heavy equipment will routinely be running on the pavement, a coarser mix will provide better durability.


With half a century in business, our name is our bond.

When it comes to building in Muskoka, there is often an abundance of rock in the way. Luckily, we’re a one-stop-shop in these types of cases, with the skilled team in place to understand what the end product is going to be and how to create the conditions to make it happen. Not only do we have the equipment and expertise to blast through rock, but we’re used to getting into (and out of) tight cottage sites with heavy machinery.

After the site is prepared and the right asphalt mix for your project loaded in our truck, it comes down to workmanship. This means getting the material to site while it’s still warm and paying attention to every fine detail to make sure what we’re building has the finish and the look that you want it to have, as well as long-term functionality, durability, and structural integrity.

At Hall, we often build driveways and roads from scratch for our regular clients. If we come into a remove-and-replace project, we won’t pave quality asphalt over substandard base conditions. We’ll reinstate those base products to a quality that we would be happy with if we were building a brand-new driveway for you.


This year, Hall Construction is celebrating its milestone 50th year in business. With a location on Louisa Street in Parry Sound and a new Muskoka office on Ecclestone Drive in the heart of Bracebridge, we are very proud to call ourselves a local company with local staff and good, long-standing relationships with other companies in the community.  

Hall truck

One of our trucks in our large fleet

A rural paving project by Hall

A rural paving project by Hall

Proud to be in our 50th year

Proud to be in our 50th year

Products and Service

At Hall, customer care is what makes us tick. We enjoy working with our clients to determine the future use of their project, identify the challenges, and then find solutions to those challenges so that every time a client returns home to their house or cottage, they can look at their paving project with satisfaction. Whether your project is residential, cottage, or commercial, Hall is now your one-stop-shop to take care of site prep work and then, when construction is complete, to put on the finishing touches with landscaping and paving. From driveways to sport courts to helipads and cart paths, we don’t consider the job done until the client is happy.

Warranties and Guarantees

For fully built projects from scratch, Hall is proud to stand behind a two-year warranty on the full product. For improvements to existing projects, we offer a two-year warranty on the work that we’ve done.

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