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Muskoka and Parry Sound Site Work and Site Preparation

Hall Construction have over 40 years of expertise in demolition, land clearing, site excavation, fill and site utilities.

From large municipal jobs to smaller residential and cottage site work, Hall Construction has the equipment and expertise to deliver outstanding site work on any scale.

Driveways, Roads and Parking Lots

Does your Muskoka or Parry Sound property need a driveway, parking lot or road created? If so, we can help. With options ranging from cart paths and gravel service roads right through to paved and curbed streets, Hall Construction has 40 years of road building and driveway installation experience in the Parry Sound-Muskoka Region.

Our experienced engineering team and skilled operators work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver robust site preparation solutions. With a sizeable fleet of large and small scale earth-moving equipment, we have the flexibility to execute a wide range of projects in a cost effective manner.

Hall Construction has the capabilities to provide turn key site development packages with expertise in demolition, land clearing, site excavation, fill and site utilities.

Residential Site Work

Hall Construction helps many cottage and home owners prepare and maintain their properties. We provide all types of site work including:

Driveway Installation
Often the first step in developing your site is the construction of a driveway. Installing culverts, materials and grading are all services provided by Hall Construction.

Standard Filter Bed Septic Systems Installation
A standard septic system provides effective treatment, requires minimal maintenance, offers longevity and is a good economical choice. We install conventional septic systems which are comprised of a septic tank and a leaching bed (soil filter). We will assess, design and install a standard filter bed septic system to meet your requirements.

Ecoflo Septic Systems Installation
The Ecoflo ® system is an environmentally friendly alternative to a standard disposal field. Ecoflo ® uses an organic filter to treat the pollutants and retain solids found in wastewater coming from the septic tank. As the filter holds all pollutants and suspended solids, it prevents the clogging of the septic installation and prolongs its life span.
An Ecoflo ® system can be adapted to all types of properties and often significantly reduces the surface area needed to install an individual wastewater treatment system. Ecoflo ® blends into your landscape with only the access lid showing above ground.

Muskoka and Parry Sound Commercial & Municipal Site Work.

Hall Construction has been involved in a number of commercial site work projects for municipalities, townships, government agencies and private companies in the Parry Sound and Muskoka area.

Some of our site work projects have included:

  • preparation of the ground for new buildings
  • new subdivision development
  • parking lots
  • excavation
  • prep for paving
  • road work
  • pipe work
  • grading
  • landscaping
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A Muskoka site work project – driveway construction & paving

Parry Sound site preparation, excavation project

Commercial site preparation for parking lot construction