Civil litigation is the result of two parties becoming involved in a legal dispute while, usually, seeking monetary rewards as opposed to criminal sanctions. In these cases, you need a trial lawyer, or litigator, who specializes in these areas. Motor vehicle accidents, tort claims for injuries at work or in the community, slip-and-fall accidents – all of these cases require specialized and focused counsel, experienced in such matters. MacDonald Law maintains a roster of specialists in such matters to whom we refer clients requiring these specialized services. Our civil litigation services are typically separated into two categories:

  • IN-HOUSE – These matters are dealt with in our office by one of our qualified lawyers.

    Small Claims Court Matters
    Construction Lien Matters
    Debt Collection

  • BY REFERRAL – These matters are dealt with initially by one of our qualified lawyers and then referred to local counsel who specialize in these matters.

    Personal Injury
    Slip and Fall
    Accident Benefit
    Car Accidents

Corporate Civil Litigation

Incorporations • Employee/employer contracts • Employee/employer dispute resolution

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