Buying or selling your home is a huge undertaking. For most people, it represents the biggest investment of their lives. Whether you’re purchasing your first home or you’re selling an investment property, knowing the ins and outs of real estate law is imperative.

We can provide assistance with all stages of the real estate process, including:

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Preparation of Agreement of Purchase and Sale

We can assist from the beginning of the purchase or sale of your property whether it is through a real estate agent or private. We will review your Agreement of Purchase and Sale prior to your signing for no charge to ensure your needs are taken care of. For a private deal we can prepare the Agreement of Purchase and Sale for a nominal fee to ensure that all aspects of your purchase/sale are taken care of.

  • Refinancing
  • New Mortgages

We will ensure your financial needs are best taken care of whether you are setting up a new mortgage on a new property or refinancing an existing property. We deal with all lenders, big and small, including private refinancing.

  • Transfer of Property Owners
  • Name Changes

We can complete transfers of property at your request to add or remove someone from title or change the way title is held. We can also change your name on title if you wish to do so.

  • Severances
  • Rights of Way Easements

We can assist from the beginning of the severance or right of way procedure including assistance with the township in filling out the required application. If a new plan is required, we have contact with a local surveyor  who we work alongside to ensure your new plan is exactly what you need.

Rights of way include access for driveways, hydro or any required vehicular and pedestrian access to your property where you need to travel over a neighbouring property or unassumed road.

Whether you’re buying, selling or refinancing, your team of real estate lawyers will guide you through the entire process, while keeping a keen eye on all the important details. Ready to see what we can do for you? Contact MacDonald Law today to get started.