Muskoka granite is among the densest natural stone on earth, with low water absorption and high resistance to cold temperatures. A distinctive feature of Canada’s Muskoka region, granite is the perfect addition to many of today’s interior and exterior design and construction projects. Bring the beauty and simplicity of natural Muskoka granite to your home or cottage.

When it comes to granite flagstone, the possibilities are endless. A beautiful stone patio or pathway gives you more reason to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. A patio can serve as an extension of your home or cottage so that when you step outside you are immediately in your outdoor living space. Patios create separate destinations or gathering points on your property. Anyone who has ever carried trays of food and drinks is well aware of the challenges of uneven patio stones or deteriorating decking. Muskoka Rock flagstone is an excellent choice for predictable surface uniformity, stability, and traction.

Whether it’s a low-rise tread to adjoin two patio surfaces or a standard tread-height staircase to provide waterfront access, Muskoka Rock Company’s granite stair treads provide consistency and safety while offering unmatched natural appeal and durability. Granite stairs are in increasing demand because of their attractiveness and durability. Further, our standard-height cut treads provide an additional level of comfort. Most of us are on “auto-pilot” when using stairs, with our brains assuming that our feet will find steps of the same height. A shorter or taller “surprise step” can be a hazard, causing a trip or a fall. After our diamond-saw process, flaming creates flat stair treads that are easily installed for a natural-looking, level surface. These smooth surfaces provide an ideal base for foot traffic.

Create a lasting impression with Muskoka Rock Company’s selection of building stone and thin veneer products. Unsurpassed in durability and uniqueness, Muskoka Rock’s granite building stone and thin veneer captures the imagination and inspires new design and architecture for both residential and commercial properties.

Installed as square-cut, geometric, or with a natural shape, Muskoka Rock’s interior and exterior granite flooring options are unparalleled for their low-maintenance qualities, ease of installation, superior strength, and natural appeal. Richly detailed colours and granite grain patterns derived from our proprietary Muskoka Rock quarries make a striking impression while delivering a level of endurance that you can depend on long after your project has been completed. Muskoka Rock Company’s granite makes for a superior flooring option for both commercial and residential applications. Our granite floors are about as tough as they come, while maintaining a natural, delicate appeal.

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