Traditionally granite has been used to build pathways, patios and retaining walls in Muskoka. However, the natural stone’s many attractive features are making it a popular choice indoors as well. Flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, accent walls and of course traditional and modern fireplaces are benefitting from the colourful, durable and lowmaintenance options. “We can provide granite products for components of your entire build, taking you from the lake to the powder room and everything in between,” says Muskoka Rock Company president Seth Rudin. “There’s more use for granite than people traditionally think.”

Muskoka Rock Company makes it simple to bring granite into your home or cottage with their line of half-inch thick granite flooring. The stones display the beauty of thicker granite slabs, without the need for a heavy-duty support system beneath the floor. “It allows for much greater versatility,” says Muskoka Rock Company president Seth Rudin. That makes it particularly useful in a renovation: half-inch stone can be installed in areas where thicker stones can’t, and can sometimes be laid right over existing flooring, saving time and money. It’s also much easier to maneuver around a tight construction site. “Whether you’re building a new house or cottage or renovating an existing home, half-inch granite flooring provides flexibility for installation. You can bring this into areas of your home that previously were not accessible because of the tolerances required for thicker materials.”

No matter the thickness, granite is resistant to human and environmental impacts and resilient over time. Granite repels liquids and moisture, is easy to clean, and has hypoallergenic characteristics, making it the perfect flooring for those with asthma or allergies. Many projects use a combination of thicknesses and finishes. Edge-grain stones are also showing up in thinner veneers, which can be set vertically to form a wall or fireplace. “We supplied a boathouse in granite, cut with an edge-grain linear look to it,” says Seth. “This is a more contemporary design. We’re starting to see more of this look.” By using certain cuts and designs, you can bring a touch of elegance and sophistication into any room. Backsplashes or countertops in the kitchen can be tailormade to accent the style of the cabinets, appliances and furniture.

A stunning look is achieved by installing cross-cut stone on the walls of the shower and making the floor from the same stone that’s cut along the grain – the colours are similar, but the visual texture is different. “It opens up a lot of design options for the home owner.” The bathroom can feature differing styles of granite throughout. A popular item in many bathrooms is the granite vanity with a smooth flamed finish. “Tiling a walk-in shower with a design of your choice on the floor and walls is a sleek option,” says Seth. “But, you could change it up by tiling the floor with one design type and using a different one to finish the walls.”

Exceptional granite Muskoka Rock Company united with Van Dyk Natural Stone and Huntsville Aggregates in 2015, a merger which is leading the evolution of granite production in the region. Extracting granite block from several proprietary quarries throughout the region, the material is processed at one of the quarries or at their Gravenhurst manufacturing facility. Each quarry offers granite in distinct colours, finishes and textures. Being a part of the pre-Cambrian Shield gives Muskoka an exquisite gift left by glaciers centuries ago. Carved from the earth, each piece of granite differs broadly in colour and texture.

“One of the most beautiful features of natural Muskoka granite is the uniqueness of each stone,” says Seth. “No two are exactly alike.” Granite boulders are cut to specified thickness with circular diamond blade or wire saws, or through the traditional process of hand splitting stone from their high-quality reserves. Muskoka Rock Company granite can be cut to a minimum thickness of a half-inch, while the maximum thickness varies depending on the size of the boulders available. By utilizing the latest technology, Muskoka Rock Company can meet exceptional requests and customize pieces for each project.

Although creating custom granite materials is a major segment of Muskoka Rock Company’s offerings, they also feature a large inventory of flooring, building stone, flagstone and stair tread products.

“We have the flexibility to deliver what people want when they need it,” says Seth. 

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