Muskoka Rock Company is very proud to announce that their products are being showcased on Cottage Life Network, through a new 13-episode series presented by famed interior designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan. 

Now airing Tuesdays at 10 pm, ‘Colin and Justin’s Cabin Pressure’ features the Scottish duo’s foray into Muskoka. The pair recently co-purchased a log cabin on a small lake in Muskoka and transformed it from a basic structure into a beautiful airy cottage property. 

First tackling the issues with flooring, plumbing and wiring, Colin and Justin used their talents to create a luxurious retreat with a new dock, bunkie, and landscaping design. They chose local products wherever possible; and Muskoka Rock’s granite is featured throughout the project, including a fireplace and hardscaping reno.

Colin and Justin were thrilled with their adventure, and discovered the joys of a Muskoka winter, anticipating many weekends of snowshoeing as well as summertime cottage activities.

Episodes will be available on line at: