Driving through the rock cuts on Highway 11, you’re getting a glimpse of some of the oldest and densest rocks on the planet. Outcrops of the pre-Cambrian Shield, Muskoka’s granite was formed billions of years ago. Like snowflakes and DNA, no two pieces of granite are exactly alike, explains Seth Rudin, president of Muskoka Rock Company. “Each fragment of granite differs broadly in colour and texture,” he says. “Bringing this beautiful, natural rock into your cottage can produce amazing results.”

Muskoka Rock Company uses advanced cutting and shaping techniques to turn this raw material into functional and decorative items. Blocks are extracted from proprietary quarries around the region, each of which has it’s own distinct colours, finished and textures. Granite boulders may be cut into slices as thin as half an inch with circular diamond blade or wire saws, or split by hand using traditional techniques. “Smooth, flat granite can be used for a strong, durable patio or made into stepping stones for exterior paths,” says Seth. “It’s a natural look which blends exquisitely into the surrounding landscape.” Granite is also a solid choice for interior flooring, vanities and countertops as well as vertical surfaces such as shower walls as ornamental decor. A smooth flamed finish is a popular choice for bathroom pieces. “You could design your whole bathroom with granite as the focal point,” says Seth. “Even the backsplashes could feature half-inch thick granite veneers, providing an accent to the floors and countertops.”

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