A gorgeous granite floor can be a show-stopper in any home. The material is durable, timeless and will add longevity to a home or cottage. Muskoka Rock Company offers a full line of granite products – including halfinch thick granite flooring – making it easier for people to bring the strong, ageless material into their homes. Whether it is inside the home, a landscaped terrace or staircase, an outside wall or a fireplace, Muskoka Rock’s unique, 100 per cent Canadian Shield, natural granite products are remarkable for both their beauty and their versatility.

“We provide a variety of unique solutions to our customers,” says Muskoka Rock Company president Seth Rudin. Flooring and flagstone are available in square-edge stones, random shapes, random with a natural curvature, and other patterns. The stones can be custom cut to suit the client. The colours and grain patterns add style to your design. Colours range from a classic Muskoka look, to darker tones of grey for the more contemporary aesthetic. Extracting granite block from several proprietary quarries throughout the Muskoka region, the material is processed at one of the quarries or at Muskoka Rock’s Gravenhurst manufacturing facility. Granite blocks are cut to specified thickness with circular diamond blade or wire saws, or through the traditional process of handsplitting stone from their high-quality reserves. The direction the stone is cut can influence the style, Seth explains. Muskoka Granite has a natural grain flowing through it, and stones that are cut across the grain have a distinctive look to them. The material will outlast any other, with very little maintenance.

Selecting the finish can also have a profound impact on the look of granite. Polished granite is highly reflective. The stone appears darker and the colours rich. Flamed granite, on the other hand, has a textured surface. It is more popular outdoors for pathways, patios and other high traffic areas. A brushed or a honed granite finish features a flatter look without the reflective characteristics of a polished stone. Muskoka Rock Company utilizes robust technology to create unique solutions for their clients. “We always like exciting new projects that showcase our products” says Seth. “One of the most beautiful features of natural Muskoka granite is the uniqueness of each stone, offering a special application for each of our customers.” The Muskoka Rock Company offers an outstanding level of services to all its customers. “Superb quality, combined with extensive experience, allows us to meet customers’ specific requirements in a timely fashion,” says Seth. “We are able to offer the convenience of one-stop shopping opportunities at multiple locations or arranging delivery directly to the customer’s door.”

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