A quick flip through any contemporary architectural magazine will leave you with little doubt that Muskoka granite is the stone of choice for North America’s premier architectural properties and landscapes.

Aesthetically, Muskoka granite has a singular beauty without having a singular look. Your Muskoka granite flooring and your neighbour’s can vary widely in their distinction and unique qualities. Ranging from the subdued to the dramatic, every granite piece has its own “fingerprint” based on its quarry.

Unique, durable, beautiful and timeless, Muskoka’s Canadian Shield granite has many more uses than just as a countertop material. Architects, designers and homeowners are choosing granite for paths and patios, external cladding, backsplashes, tiles, mantels and stairs.

Muskoka granite, inside or outside, gives your living space a seamless, inspiredby- nature look and feel.
It just makes sense to take your inspiration from the local beauty that surrounds you.

Uniquely beautiful
Muskoka granite has a unique geological structure, containing layers of minerals that are different than other granite.

Make the local choice
Perhaps the best part of buying your granite from a local Canadian provider is that it involves no compromises.

Muskoka granite sourced from different quarries exhibits a wide range of colours and textures, making it easy to get the look you’re after and to find the right product to match pre-existing landscaping and other stonework.

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